MIKI AKO: Teru No Uta /テルーの唄 ★Teru’s Song (Teru no Uta): ★ From the Movie🎬 "Tales From Earthsea" Sara Sarah, who loves hymns She loves the sound of Japanese. I am very happy as a Japanese person. ゲド戦記  ★テルーの唄★ 讃美歌を愛するサラSaraさんは 日本語の響きが大好きだそうです。 日本人としてとても喜ばしいことです。 @sassimania Thank you for loving the sound of Japanese 🙏 I sang with all my heart @ichi_music Ichi-san, thank you for the wonderful editing in addition to playing the guitar this time 🙏 #japanese #mashup #joinmycollab #528Hz #collab#cover#acapella